Working Holiday

Your guide to arrival + survival in Adelaide...


Adelaide Jobs

Finding work in Adelaide is not the easiest task as the city is not only packed with young Australians looking for work, but also many international students and immigrants as well. Also, be aware that there are thousands of other working holiday makers like yourself there who are looking for work too! But it is possible to find work - just don't be surprised if it's not exactly your dream job that you find. There are often many lower wage jobs available, while the good paying jobs are not as easy to get unless you have relevant degrees and certifications...or a little thing called "experience". But still, there is work available and you just have to be persistent and determined in your job search to find something that puts money in your pocket.

Job Search Strategies

Theres many different ways to go about looking for a job. With a little bit of planning, and luck, some of the strategies listed here can help you find some paying work in Adelaide:

Read the Newspaper - Look for jobs in the newspaper - in the top newspapers in Adelaide you will find job listings in every field.

Contact Recruitment Agencies - Recruitment agencies can all help you with finding a new job in Adelaide.

Be aware that they might have you take some minor tests to measure your skills before sending you off on interviews or placing you in temporary work assignments. Dress professionally for interviews since they will be judging you on whether or not they want you to represent their agency to companies they send you to work for.

If you are looking for work through hospitality agencies, be sure to have some experience, black pants, black shoes, black tie, black vest, and a white dress shirt - if you approach them prepared, they will find you work faster.

Surf the Web - As you probably already know, many employers post job ads online and this is especially true in Perth. Here are some websites and job search engines to checkout regarding jobs in Perth:
  • Gumtree

Ask Around - Ask friends/family/acquantinces/everyone you meet if they know if someone or a company needs extra help or employees. Make it known to people you know that you are looking for work so they can keep your name in mind if they hear of something.

Go Door-to-Door - If you have restaurant/cafe/bar or retail experience, its often best to print out a bunch of resumes and simply walk into different stores/restaurants and ask if they are hiring. Some of these places will maybe be already advertising on-line or in the paper, but if you can make instant contact with a manager who's hiring, theres a good chance he'll give you a quick interview right at that moment if you have some experience and he has a little time. Going door-to-door gives you an advantage over people who only send in their resumes by email since the person who is hiring gets to see who you actually are. Its a chance to sell yourself in person in addition to selling your experience on your resume.